Our Board

Oheb Sholom Officers

President – Steven Cohn
Vice President – Vicki Graff
Secretary – Alan Seltzer
Treasurer – Bruce Cole
Assistant Treasurer- James Harrison
Assistant Treasurer – Jacob Gurwitz
Past President – Nic Cohen Z”L

Oheb Sholom Life Trustees

Bruce Cohen  Harlan Kutscher

Oheb Sholom Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is comprised of Oheb Sholom congregants who each serve a 3 year term.  The board is responsible for managing the congregation’s affairs and property as guided by the by-laws, as well as leading the congregation to fulfill the Oheb Sholom mission and vision statements.  The board holds a regular meeting about once a month during the fiscal year.   If you are an Oheb Sholom congregant interested in serving on the board, please contact the current president.

Current Oheb Sholom Board Members

2020-2023 Megan Elbaum
2020-2023 Paul Missan
2020-2023 Manny Wittels
2021-2023 Jon Avins
2022-2023 Alan Seltzer
2021-2024 Sandy Fishman
2021-2024 Jim Harrison
2021-2024 Margo Levin
2021-2024 Jeff Sternlieb
2021-2024 Mike Schiffman
2022-2025 Russ Farbiarz
2022-2025 Jordan Regester
2022-2025 Esther Shanahan
2022-2025 David Spillerman
2022-2025 Susan Weiser