Liefter-Fein Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Liefter-Fein Memorial Scholarship Fund has provided grants to members of the congregation and their children for post-secondary education since 1972. This includes students who are college undergraduates or students in vocational or trade schools. Consideration will be given to post-graduate study as well.

Scholarship grants are determined by the fund committee based on the academic ability, financial need, and personal qualities of the applicant. Applicants should submit a high school or secondary school transcript and complete the application form.

The Congregation will be informed on or before December 1st of each year advising of the availability of grants under this program and soliciting applications for scholarship grants. Applications for grants should be submitted by February 1st of each year. Scholarships shall be awarded not sooner than March 1st nor later than May 1st of each year and will be paid to the college or school of the applicant’s choice during September of each academic year.