We invite you to attend on Friday, October 21st Shabbat Service at 7pm followed by Speaker/Oneg at 8pm

‘The Soul of Aging’ presented by congregant Jeff Sternlieb
Growing older through our adult years is decidedly different than growing older from birth through adolescence. When we are younger, the changes are more obvious and public; as we age through adulthood, the changes are more subtle and private.
The Soul of Aging is designed to stimulate thinking, stir curiosity, and add meaning to our adult years. We will explore common themes we face throughout our adult years but do not often talk about in any public ways. Examples include issues of forgiveness, being alone with our thoughts and feelings, living purposeful lives, and finding meaning in what we do.

Jeffrey L. Sternlieb is a licensed psychologist who previously had his own private practice working with children, adolescents and families. More recently, he taught at the medical school and Family Medicine residency levels. He has been a member of the Temple for 27 years.

12.09.22 Rabbi Emeritus Jack Romberg will speak on his book: A Doorway to Heroism: A Decorated German-Jewish Soldier Who Became an American Hero

04.21.23 Professor Emeritus Jack Fischel of Millersville University will speak on ‘How Conspiracy Theory Has Moved From the Shadow to the Mainstream’