Service Attendance and Sign In

Jewish education is more than learning in the classroom; it is about being part of a community.   As a congregation, we come together most frequently for worship services.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that students attend at least eight Shabbat services over the course of the academic year.

Friday night, Saturday morning, or festival services held at Oheb Sholom or jointly with Oheb Sholom may be counted.  Services at other synagogues are not counted unless they are a joint service with Oheb Sholom.  Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services do not count towards service goal.  (However, we look forward to seeing you anyway.)  Tot Shabbat services are acceptable for Grade 1 and younger.

All of the students who have attended the minimum requirement of eight Shabbat Services will be invited to a celebration Breakfast with the Rabbi.

When your child attends a Shabbat Service, please have them sign in on the appropriate page in our Shabbat Attendance book located in the back of the sanctuary. This will enable us to track attendance.  Children who do not keep track of their attendance will not be given credit.

Each grade will also lead a Shabbat service during the school year.  Parents from the class organize the Oneg.

Children are expected to behave not only at the service, but during the oneg.  We ask parents to monitor their children’s behavior.