Our Daily Programs

A variety of programs are available at Lakin Preschool, Monday through Friday starting at 7:30am. All daily programs are available to children of all ages, and are staffed by the same qualified, experienced professionals who teach our classes.

Early Drop-off

For those who regularly or occasionally need to start the day early, our Early Drop-Off begins anytime from 7:30am until school starts at 9:00.

Lunch Hour

Children in Little Stars, Discovery, and Adventurers have the option to stay for lunch, from 11:30 – 12:30. Lunch is available for our Pre-K Plus class from 11:45 – 12:30. We provide milk and water, and your child brings a dairy (non-meat), nut-free lunch. Examples of acceptable lunch items include yogurt, fruit, cheese and crackers, egg salad sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, cream cheese and jelly, cheese pizza, etc. For more ideas, please see “Lunch, Snacks, and Food Allergies” in your Parent’s Handbook.

 Stay & Play

In Stay & Play, you can extend your child’s day starting at 12:30, either regularly or just when you need to. Children enjoy a wide variety of activities, indoors and outside.

Please see the enrichment form for current dates and rates