Judaic Curriculum

Each grade has a distinct curriculum as described below.  For such topics as holidays, Israel, mitzvot and Torah, we employ an educational technique known as a spiral curriculum.  This means that some form of the subject is taught every year – examining different aspects of the subject in an age appropriate way.  Some years, depending on enrollment, two grades may be combined and the focus topics will be adjusted accordingly.

Art and music can also be a very powerful way of expressing and exploring our Jewish heritage. Our Student Cantor provides our music curriculum.  Age appropriate art experiences will be provided in the classrooms.

Torah Tots –  A class complementing the Lakin Preschool Jewish curriculum utilizing crafts, songs, stories and games for you and your preschool child once a month during Religious School hours.  Learn prayers, traditions and songs with your little one to reinforce at home. Torah Tots is designed to foster your child’s love for, and identification with Judaism with your reinforcement.

2nd & 3rd Grade – This class will spend some time together and some time as individual classes. The second grade will receive an introduction to the aleph bet, in preparation for Hebrew study while the 3rd grade will spend time learning and discussing American Jewish immigrant life using age appropriate literature. They will focus on the Union of Reform Judaism’s Chai curriculum that focuses on living a Jewish life around the values of Torah (learning), Avodah (worship), and Gimilut Chasadim (performance of good deeds).

4th & 5th Grade – Israel is not just a country, but also our spiritual homeland.  Students will explore all aspects of the Land of Israel, from its founding as a state to its modern day situation. Students will study the diversity of cultures and geography in this sacred land. They will also learn about the Life Cycle- exploring the rituals that Judaism uses to celebrate various moments in life from birth to death.

6th & 7th Grades – This year students will focus on the history of the Holocaust and its impact on the Jewish world. They will examine American Jewish history after the Holocaust as well. In addition, students will discuss current events, do some reading of Jewish books, and seventh grade will work with the Rabbi or Student Cantor each week.