Finance Committee FAQs

Oheb Sholom is a business operation as well as a religious organization.  The following information is provided to better explain the financial aspects of our operation.

1.  Overall Organization – Describes our status as a PA Non-profit Corporation, our Tax status, and provides an Overview of our organization. (Published February 2016)

2.  Budgeting and Reporting – Describes the budgeting and reporting systems used to monitor and control the fiscal operations of the Temple. (Published March 2016)

3.  Accounting Statements – Describes the financial statements and financial review performed by our independent Certified Public Accountant and constrasts them with the Budget and Reporting system. (Published April 2016)

4.  Accounting Conventions – Describes the methods employed and the rationale for choosing the financial conventions employed by Oheb Sholom’s financial statements. (Published May 2016)