We feel that the best atmosphere for the education of our children is one that fosters freedom of expression, positive interpersonal relationships and mutual respect for teachers and peers.  In order to support the teachers’ efforts, please advise them of any special conditions that might have an impact on your child’s behavior (for example, a learning disability, family disruptions, etc.)

To insure that each student’s rights are protected, we expect each student to:
1.  Follow directions
2.  Be prepared for class
3.  Respect other students and teachers
4. Not be disruptive during class time
If a student breaks the rules during a particular class session, the teacher will take the following action:

1st and 2nd occurrences

Verbal warning is given along with attempts to individually discuss alternative behavior.

3rd occurrence

The child will be sent to the office.  The child’s parents will be notified.

If a student is continually disruptive, the religious school administrator will have a conference with the teacher and the student to determine the problems that exist and  mutually resolve them.  Issues that cannot be resolved in this manner may be referred to the Religious School Committee and the Rabbi for further action.