If you are interested in contacting or participating any committee, please contact the office for more information.

Balis Award Dinner Committee

The Balis Award Dinner Committee organizes an evening of great food, music, and entertainment for the congregation of Oheb Sholom.  At this social event, held in spring, the Ruth and Irvin Balis Volunteer Appreciation Award is presented to a member whose service to the congregation and community helps to make Oheb Sholom the warm, caring community that it is.


The Oheb Sholom choir is comprised of members of the congregation and friends who enjoy singing. The choir sings at Rosh Hashanah, during the Jewish Food and Cultural Festival, at the Chanukah service and two additional services through the year. Rehearsals are one evening per week during the month before each performance. Dr. Ina Slater Grapenthin has been our organist for the past ten years and our choir director for three years. Dr. Grapenthin teaches at Kutztown University and is a widely known keyboard performer who has taught and performed in the United States, created keyboard instruction books, and judged organ competitions in Europe.
New choir members are always welcome. No audition is required; just the love of singing. Contact Jeri Kozloff or Mimi Gavigan if you would like more information about joining this wonderful group.

Finance Committee

The finance committee oversees the fiscal affairs of the congregation.  This includes preparing and monitoring an annual budget, tracking income and expenses, as well as maintaining assets and investments.  The committee is chaired by the Treasurer and usually meets on the thrid Monday of each month at 7PM.  If you are interested in contacting or participating in the finance committee, please contact the Treasurer for more information.

To learn more about the Temple’s Fiscal Operations, please read our Finance Committee FAQs.

Jewish Food and Cultural Festival

This committee organizes and executes the annual Oheb Sholom Jewish Food and Cultural Festival, which is held the first Sunday in November every year.  The Committee prepares brisket, Jewish apple cakes, and a variety of other Jewish foodstuffs for the annual festival.

House Committee

The house committee oversees the maintenance of our building and grounds. It also maintains the memorial plaques for display in the sanctuary.

Lakin Preschool Committee

The preschool committee works with the preschool director and rabbi to promote and support Jewish education in the classroom as well as through special events.  If you are interested in contacting or participating in the preschool committee, please contact the office for more information.

Membership Committee

As Reform Jews, we are committed to actively welcoming all and building a vibrant, inclusive synagogue community. The mission of membership and outreach is to embrace the mitzvot of ahavat ger, loving the stranger and keruv, drawing near those who are far. While we reach out, we must also reach in to those who are members of our congregation by ensuring that our Membership Committee focuses on helping members establish lifelong connections.

The Membership Committee plans programs that reach prospective and new members and reconnects with present members. Some specific activities include organizing social events and maintaining our member directory.

Feel free to browse the variety of services available with Membership.

Religious School Committee

The religious school committee works with the religious school administrator and rabbi to promote and support Jewish education in the classroom as well as through special events.  If you are interested in contacting or participating in the religious school committee, please contact the office for more information.

Ritual Committee

The ritual committee works with the rabbi to review and evaluate prayer services.  It schedules ushers for all services.  The ritual committee also coordinates the student cantor program, including the selection of the cantor as well as hospitality arrangements on the weekends when the cantor visits.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee oversees the synagogue’s website and provides the office staff with guidance on technical issues such as computer hardware, software, network, telephone, audio and video. The Technology Committee meets on an as needed basis. No physical attendance is required. Instead members “meet” via web conferencing. Members download and install a simple, free, software program which facilitates sharing of audio, live video, and screen images among participants. The Technology Committee’s ongoing project is the maintenance and expansion of the congregation’s website, In addition, the committee has been instrumental in selecting and installing hardware and software systems.

Youth Committee

Oheb Sholom realizes the concept of  l’dor v’dor through our various educational programs.  As our children grow they create their own understanding of traditions as well as a few of their own.  The Youth Committee is here to help provide engagement on a social level within our congregation and across our region.  We contribute to the curriculum of the confirmation program, keeping our children growing in their Jewish education.  The committee also helps create social connections with other Jewish teens and pre-teens.

Oheb Sholom is active in NTFY, the Reform Jewish teen movement.  We support NFTY’s mission to create a welcoming community that inspires and engages our teens to pursue teen empowerment, personal growth, tikkun olam, and maintaining a deep connection to their Reform Jewish roots.  We do this through regional activities with our NFTY-PAR (Pennsylvania area region) community and partnerships with other Reform congregations in our area.

For more details on these programs, please see the Confirmation and RAFTY pages.

If you are interested in these activities for your children, interested in providing support, or have ideas for engaging our children, please contact the office for more information.