Youth Committee

Oheb Sholom realizes the concept of  l'dor v'dor through our various educational programs.  As our children grow they create their own understanding of traditions as well as a few of their own.  The Youth Committee is here to help provide engagement on a social level within our congregation and across our region.  We contribute to the curriculum of the confirmation program, keeping our children growing in their Jewish education.  The committee also helps create social connections with other Jewish teens and pre-teens.

Oheb Sholom is active in NTFY, the Reform Jewish teen movement.  We support NFTY’s mission to create a welcoming community that inspires and engages our teens to pursue teen empowerment, personal growth, tikkun olam, and maintaining a deep connection to their Reform Jewish roots.  We do this through regional activities with our NFTY-PAR (Pennsylvania area region) community and partnerships with other Reform congregations in our area.

For more details on these programs, please see the Confirmation and RAFTY pages.

If you are interested in these activities for your children, interested in providing support, or have ideas for engaging our children, please contact the committee chair, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..